Our Story

Founded in 2020 by Inez Hillel and Robin Shaban, Vivic Research supports actors working toward systems change through economic and evidence-based research. Our previous academic and work experience in economics and growing frustration with the status quo left us seeking a space where we could combine our expertise in economics with our passion for community-focused work.

In January 2023, Robin left the Vivic team to pursue other projects. Although it was tough to say goodbye to one of our co-founders, we remain committed to our vision of a just society, where everyone has access to research, information, and data to participate in the decision-making processes that impact their lives.

We believe that when combined with public education and advocacy, research can be a tool for social change. To make our vision a reality, Vivic Research strives to collaborate with actors working towards systems change and confronting oppressive structures by providing alternatives to traditional economic and public policy research.

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Our Team


Inez Hillel (she/her)

Economist and Co-founder

Inez Hillel is co-founder and economist of Vivic Research. Inez is devoted to intersectional economics, which emphasizes frontline voices and qualitative data as the foundations for progressive policy development. Her roles at Vivic includes research and analysis, project management, and relationship building with new and long-term clients. She is most passionate about projects that require ongoing community engagement and that allow her to connect and develop partnerships with grassroots activists and organizations. In her previous role as Economist at the Centre for the Study of Living Standards, she conducted research on income supports in Canada. Inez holds an MA in Economics from Simon Fraser University and a BA in Applied Economics from Queen’s University. In 2020, Inez was the recipient of the British Columbia Graduate Scholarship and the Provost Prize of Distinction Scholarship from Simon Fraser University.

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Farnaz (she/her)


Farnaz is a researcher at Vivic Research. In her work, Farnaz takes a critical research approach that focuses on identifying the underlying structures that perpetuate social injustice and harm. Farnaz's responsibilities at Vivic include conducting qualitative research and analysis, developing research proposals, writing comprehensive reports, and collaborating with clients to ensure their needs are met. Previously, Farnaz worked as a project manager and research coordinator for community-based research initiatives. Her research has focused on marginalized youth’s perspectives on mental health and substance use. She believes that research is most effective when the communities impacted by its outcomes are able to guide and participate in the process. Farnaz holds a graduate degree in Criminology. Her dedication to social justice and community-based research is reflected in her work at Vivic Research.

Jay (they/them)


Jay is a researcher at Vivic Research. Their work highlights and challenges discourses and rhetoric that perpetuate stigma, harm, and inaction by institutions and government by situating policy narratives within a sociopolitical context. Jay's responsibilities at Vivic include qualitative and quantitative research and analysis, report writing, and knowledge translation including social media content and public presentations. They believe that people are better equipped to act and organize on the issues that affect their lives when they have access to accessible and relevant research and data. Jay holds two graduate degrees in Education and Health Sciences and their previous work has included critical analysis of discourse on trans and gender non-conforming youth in sport and research projects advocating for COVID safety for workers.